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Electronic Counter Surveillance
Today's high stake corporate climate makes it more crucial than ever to keep customer lists, marketing strategy, R&D plans, product standards and other sensitive material inside your company's walls. To meet this need the DiNatale Detective Agency offers a comprehensive system designed to stop existing security breaches and prevent further threats. The DiNatale method, designed and constantly upgraded by a prominent electrical engineer, offers a complete and effective way to protect crucial information. Experienced investigators aided by cutting edge electronic equipment perform three separate searches:
  • An extensive and exhaustive physical examination of the premises covering all possible wireless surveillance approaches,
  • A full sweep of radio frequencies spectrum to root out wireless transmitters,
  • A series of in-depth telephone systems tests performed with the most sensitive and sophisticated analyzers available today.

The DiNatales are one of the few agencies in the state who have their own electronic counter surveillance equipment. After the searches are complete, the electrical engineer reports all findings and provides the client with a list of security enhancing recommendations.

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